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It’s time to move from pocket to wrist. Because round-the-clock connectivity starts with a watch and not from mobiles.

With Muvi One, you can let your users stream audio, music, and podcasts on your platform on their swanky Apple Watches. Let them connect; you stay connected.

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  • Native Apple watchOS Support
  • Player Control
  • Supports Offline Listening

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Native Support

Native Apple watchOS Support

Your users can connect your app in a snap. The Muvi One-powered audio streaming app natively supports Apple watchOS squaring away configurational challenges right from the word go.

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Control Player

Player Control

Play, pause, skip, rewind, and adjust volume—your users can do all of these on the wrist. A must-have feature for yoga podcasters and audio streaming service providers, it’s time to thrive on swipes and taps not on mobile but on the watch.

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Offline Listening

Supports Offline Listening

Depending on your users' subscription status and the download permission on your platform, your users can connect and listen to your audio content even in offline mode on their Apple Watch.

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