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Video-on-demand cloud hosting provides digital businesses with infinite scalability and flexibility, without having to worry about their IT infrastructure and ensuring your revenues never stop ticking.

Muvi is a video platform that is born on the cloud and delivers an end-to-end fully managed cloud-based video platform that requires absolutely no intervention from your end.

Built using cutting-edge cloud technology and hosted on Amazon Web Services, Muvi helps deliver the highest uptime guarantee and a completely lag-free experience to your users. No matter how many concurrent users hit your platform, with instant scaling capability, Muvi can manage all with few clicks!

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  • Instant Deployment
  • Flexible & Scalable Infrastructure
  • Zero Downtime
  • Fully Managed
  • Completely Secured


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Fully Managed Infrastructure


With Muvi, you get a Fully Managed IT Infrastructure, right from Cloud based Servers, Storage, Transcoding Servers, Database, Firewall and a CDN! Everything is taken care by us, so that you do not need to worry and focus only on your business. Muvi handles all the headaches in the backend to deliver super fast cloud based streaming services!

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Infinite Scalability

Unexpected spikes on your platform can be easily managed with Muvi. With our infinite scalability option, we can meet the demands of your viewers instantly and provision for extra resources immediately and seamlessly whenever in need! Our plans can support UNLIMITED concurrent video viewers and can instantly scale to infinity as per demand.

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Powerful CDN

Cloud based streaming services require powerful CDNs. Muvi comes built-in with industry’s leading CDN - Amazon CloudFront. CloudFront has its servers all over the world and enhances end users streaming experience by delivering your videos from the server closest to the viewer's location, thus reducing the buffering of video for the end-user and accelerates the delivery of your streaming content around the world.

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Completely Secure

Muvi alongside Amazon provides a robust & secure cloud infrastructure by deploying advanced Server Side Security & Firewall. With Studio Approved DRM and powerful encryption, your contents are safe as in Fort Knox!

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Always On

With advanced load-balancing technology to handle surges and a robust infrastructure, Muvi helps deliver immaculate uptime for all your streaming needs! Some of our plans come with 99.99% uptime Guarantee!

Video on demand cloud hosting

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