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Create a Personalized Experience for Every User

Alie is an AI-powered Recommendation Engine that enables a personalized user experience across websites and apps. Alie’s unique machine learning algorithms are designed to analyze user data and recommend personalized content in real-time with impeccable accuracy. Powered by an API-led architecture, Alie is designed to easily integrate with any website or mobile app.

Recommendation System for Multiple Domains

Alie’s API-led architecture makes it flexible enough to be used across the domains.

Ecommerce | OTT | Online Gaming | Elearning | News & Bloggers

Understand your users. Keep them engaged.

You can deliver experiences that capture your user’s attention through experimentation and personalization. From optimizing subscription pricing to recommending the most compelling content, Alie helps you grow and retain your users.

Quick Integration

Use APIs, plugins, CSV Import to easily add implicit and explicit data.

Advanced Algorithms

Advanced ML algorithms deliver recommendations based on previous interactions.

Real-time Recommendations

Personalize each interaction with instant, real-time recommendations.

Adaptability Across Domains

Alie can be used across all types of data-driven industries.


Alie’s API-driven architecture makes it scalable and easy to integrate.


Tailor recommendations by configuring input parameters and filters.

Easy to Use, Accurate and Effective

Why Alie?

  • Easy and quick integration with existing applications
  • Engage users by delivering relevant content
  • Convert visitors to customers by providing a personalized experience
  • Improve revenues by presenting tailored alternatives for every content
  • Reduce workload and overhead by automating recommendations
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