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Migrate or Import your content, users, apps and entire platform to Muvi!


Are you or is your content on an existing video/audio platform? You can quickly and easily migrate your entire platform including content, meta-data, users, reports, payment history, apps etc to Muvi in a quick and hassle free manner.

Muvi provides you with migration and import services that helps you in a smooth and easy migration of your existing platform and content to Muvi. Muvi's team takes care of everything at the backend, working in tune with your existing provider while you continue to focus purely on your business. In most cases our customers or their users do not even notice a "down time" when the migration is completed and the new platform hosted on Muvi goes live! It's that smooth and seamless.


Contact Muvi to know more at sales@muvi.com with your existing platform details to get started.

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Do I need to get involved?

Apart from introduction or sharing your login credentials with Muvi, you do not need to get involved. Muvi's team takes care of everything for you technically. You may be required for authorization purposes, and approval process, apart from that it's all taken care by Muvi.


Is there a charge?

Depending on which platform your existing content is on, there may be a charge from Muvi for the import/migration tools and services.


What is Free then?

The platform fee that Muvi charges is waived off for the migration period. You pay once to activate your account after which till the migration is completed, Muvi will not charge you the platform fees.


What all platforms do you support?

You can get your platform or content migration from virtually anywhere it's currently hosted. YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Brightcove, Kaltura, Ooyala, IBM Cloud Video etc...

Can you migrate Users as well?

Yes, as long as your existing provider supports export of users, we can migrate them as it is to Muvi. Certain platforms like YouTube do not provide access to channel subscribers and in that case we cannot do anything.


What will happen to my apps?

Muvi supports apps for Mobile & TV ecosystems as well, so you can even have the apps migrated over to Muvi. Your users may simply get an "App update" notification and once they update the app,
they will get the new Muvi powered app to continue using your platform.


How will you handle payment gateway migration?

Muvi supports payment gateway migration as well, we can plug-in your existing payment gateway to Muvi or setup a new one. We can help in continuing the Subscription Cycles of your users so that there is no revenue disruption at your end when you migrate.


How long does Migration take?

We have migrated platforms from a few hours to a couple of weeks timeframe, this entirely depends on your existing service provider, the level of support they provide to Muvi and the APIs they provide to support data migration.

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Migrate your Platform


Migrate your entire platform to Muvi, it doesn't matter which service provider you are currently using, you can quickly and easily migrate to Muvi using our Migration Services. YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Brightcove, Kaltura, Ooyala, IBM Cloud Video you name it and we have clients who have migrated from these platforms to Muvi.

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Migrate Content, Users, Payment Gateway


When we migrate you from your existing service provider, we do much more than just "content migration". We ensure we go all out to see that there is no disruption at the users end and your existing live service should not suffer because of the migration. We try our best to work with your existing service providers and migration over the meta-data, users, payment history, reports and also look at either linking your existing payment gateway or work on migration the entire payment history over to Muvi so your users do not face any disruption when they try to login or pay for your content!

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Apps as well


We provide an end-to-end migration service, which also includes app migration. This means if you have users who are using an existing app, we will migrate your app data over to Muvi as well, so that when your new platform goes live, all the users see is an "app update" and once they update they are automatically on the new Muvi powered platform.

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