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Tired of waiting endlessly to get a glimpse of your own Mobile Apps? Ever wondered why companies take so long to develop an App in today's day and age? Well not anymore.

With Patent-pending Muvi Onyx, you can now get an instant preview of your Mobile Apps, and play along like an end user with the entire user interface. Muvi Onyx delivers a near deployment quality working preview of your native mobile app instantly, which is capable of video streaming as well as audio streaming, to your phone and allows you to see and experience the entire workflow and process just like an end user and test the entire system out!

So don't wait endlessly wondering how your Mobile App will end up looking, get instant previews and see real-time changes take place when you use Muvi!

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  • Get Instant Preview
  • Available on Android, iOS, Roku, Tizen
  • Preview Real Time Changes
  • Video / Audio Streaming
  • Near Deployment Quality

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Instant Preview


Preview and experience your mobile app just like your end users would when you deploy the same on app stores. Muvi Onyx compiles and displays a production or deployment quality preview of your mobile app to you instantly. The app will have all the standard functions enabled, from user registration and login to payment process. You can click on any of your content to see how they look, stream videos and audio, or make a purchase, everything that an end-user will do, can be done in the preview app. Muvi Onyx lets you not only see but also experience your own mobile app, even before its built and uploaded onto the app stores.

Onyx Instant Preview

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Onyx Realtime Changes

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Real Time Changes


Muvi Onyx compiles and builds your preview app in real time, that means any changes you make to your OTT platform, or any content you upload, can be previewed instantly in Muvi Onyx. Simply make changes to your CMS and come back to the patent pending Muvi Onyx app, login to your account and you will see the preview instantly with the updated changes. It's that simple. No tickets, no back and forth, no development processes. The power is in your hand!

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Video / Audio Streaming


Muvi Onyx app is more than just a "Preview" app. It's a near deployment/production quality app compiled delivered to you instantly on your mobile phone. The app is a full function app just like what your end-users will see, and this means that you can not only check the User Interface and Design, but also check the Video / Audio Streaming of your content as well. Yes, you read that right, the preview app also allows you to playback all of your content in real-time like an end-user and test the streaming quality as well! You can upload new content or make changes to existing one, come back to the app and hit play and you will see the new/updated content being delivered instantly!

Onyx Video Audio streaming

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Onyx Ready for Deployment

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Ready for Deployment


Muvi Onyx compiles your app, it does so in real time. Once the app is compiled, what is delivered to you is much more than a "Preview App", it's as good as a production or deployment quality app. This means that the app you see on your mobile phone is actually a Native App for that ecosystem (iOS or Android) and will have a quality and finish that you come to expect in a deployment/production quality app. All that is standing between preview and deployment is your approval!

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Available on Multiple Platforms


Muvi Onyx app is available for Android, iOS, Roku, and Samsung Tizen ecosystems. You can download Muvi Onyx from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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