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24x7x365 VIP Support Services

Get an Account Manager on-demand and avail relentless support via Phone, Email, Chat, and our Ticketing System 24x7x365. Available to Muvi Black,  Ultimate, and  Enterprise customers, our VIP support services are known for their personalized guidance and impeccable crisis management.


Muvi offers a high degree of SLA, depending on the plan you select. For example, Muvi Enterprise plan comes with a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee and an Initial Response Time for any ticket is 30 minutes. This is the fastest you can get in any industry and for a product!

Severity Critical High Medium Low
Initial Response Time 1 Hour 4 Hours 8 Hours 1 Day

Support Service Entitlements

Benefits Standard Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Online Help
Muvi Wiki
Support Hours 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7
Ticketing System Unlimited tickets Unlimited tickets Unlimited tickets Unlimited tickets
Dedicated Account Manager
Meetings (phone/online per week) Upto 1 hour Upto 5 hours
Monthly Training on New Features
Consulting & Proactive Guidance

Severity/Priority Definitions and Initial Response Time

Severity Definition Initial Response Time
Critical Core functionality not working such as user can’t log in, the video doesn’t play at all, payment doesn’t go through and likewise. It must be a core functionality, without which the application is up ( and available) but unusable. In most of the cases, it will be clearly identifiable, if it’s a critical issue or not. 1 Hour
High The scenarios such as CMS feature not working, Video encoding issue, FTP issue, Video upload issue and likewise, will fall under this category. The request requires timely processing, as the non-working functionality could cause serious interruptions or negatively impact the business. 4 Hours
Medium The problem causes interruptions in normal operations, but doesn’t have an impact on the operation of a production system. Email notification not working, or Language translation not working and likewise will be of this issue category. 8 Hours
Low The issue results in minimal or no interruptions to normal business operations (no business impact). The issue consists of "how to" issues primarily. UI issues and likewise can be considered as a low priority. 1 Day

Professional Services

Optimize maintenance activities to effectively control costs. Avail the most comprehensive support system with Muvi Professional Services and get enterprise-level security, easy scalability and uninterrupted content delivery on your platform.

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