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YouTubers, are you losing your brand identity and constantly driving traffic to a 3rd party channels which dont offer you any insights into your Subscribers and let you control the monetization?


Muvi One offers you an opportunity to migrate your content under your own brand name and identity and take charge of your own-business!


Launch under your own brand name (, access complete details about your subscribers (including email address), decide how to monetize your content (SVoD, TVoD or AVoD) and offer a multi-screen experience!

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  • Your own brand name
  • Take Charge of your Revenues
  • Access to Subscribers
  • White Label Apps

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Your own Brand Name


Muvi One offers you complete control over your brand name, get a website on your own domain name ( instead of and display your logo to your audience!

Stop driving traffic to 3rd party sites by spending your own money, drive traffic to your own business and get an opportunity to own and capture all the data and statistics. Launch your own-branded Mobile and Smart TV apps without mention of Muvi One anywhere.

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Control your Revenues


Unlike 3rd party video hosting sites, Muvi One gives you complete control over your own revenues! You decide what kind of revenue model you want to sell your content for – SVOD, TVOD / PPV or AVOD, how much to charge for your content, what kind of Ads, Ad Server and Ad Networks to integrate and how much to sell your Ad slots for (CPMs) or simply offer content for FREE!

Muvi One puts YOU incharge of your business, so that you can maximize your revenues. What’s more, the revenue that you earn goes directly into your bank accounts! Muvi One does not come in between you and your revenues, no transaction fees, no cap or limits on transactions or payments, no delayed payments, no holds…its all yours!

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Control your Subscribers


With Muvi One, your subscribers are more than just a number or statistics. Muvi One lets you access all of your subscriber data including their names and email addresses and export the data to your favourite mail client so that you can engage with them further and drive better results with your marketing campaigns.

Muvi One also lets you take control of the registration form and define what fields you want to capture, integrate with Social Media Logins and pull Social Data of all your subscribers to your business.
With Muvi One, the amplification you get via access to your Subscribers lets you effectively take charge of your business, marketing and make effective analytical decisions that work in your favour!

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